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Friday, November 12, 2010

The next batch of favorites

All this to establish a sort of base of "where I come from"

1. Super Mario World

If there was ever a doubt about this platformer, let me put that to rest. Not only does it carry the wonderful tradition of the Mario games before it, but it adds in elements of item storage, world exploration secret path discovery and a rideable mount. Everything the Super Mario games did prior this one does as well if not better.

2. Final Fantasy 3

This was probably my foundation in the idea of "epic" story telling in a game. A plethora of characters which under went periods of change, loss and growth alike, genre staples, series staples and a fantastic experience of my younger teen years I'll always treasure.

3. Super Street Fighter 2

While the Genesis was the system of choice for MK, the SNES was my go to for the Street Fighter line. Better graphics and sounds, faster framerate and more complete arcade port experience. I actually liked all of them, but Super brought out an element that would become dominant in all Street Fighter games following, the super meter.

4. F-Zero

I was never a fan of racing games. I may have played a fair share of RC Pro-Am on the NES and that Off-Road truck one in arcades, but really I wasn't very good at racers and I didn't put much stock into them. Until F-Zero. High-speed racing combined with a unique (to me) plot and setting made this an attractive title for me to try and after hearing the beautiful music I was hooked on trying to complete every track just to get to the next.

5. Super Mario Kart

F-Zero but with Mario! Well, not quite, but it had enough similarities. The position of camera behind your character, some great tracks, some frustrating as hell tracks, a good musical score and an additional head to head competition mode with several tracks to play on. Also one of the earliest games to allow Bowser as a playable character.

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